Qoovi Cool Mini Hoverboard Kart Accessories Adjustable for All Heights and All Ages

  • 1.SECURE And FUN:the frame Adjustable for Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter,it have the frame wheel support,not worry fall,it is safety,and not worry about how far you need to ride, because you can seat down to ride,just put the handle up and down easy control,you will feel good,can make your ride skill great progress,it is fun.
  • 2.Like A Go-Kart,easy install it is just take a few seconds to make your balance board become like go-kart, two hands use the handles control the speeh,and the feet control the direction,you can make competition or games with others,it is great excitement.
  • 3.ADJUSTABLE: Length can be adjusted,Adjustable for -All Heights- All Ages,in the front of frame,it have 8 lenght adjustement,you can make it for your need,the frame Fits for most models with 6.5″ 8″ 10″, such as Razor Hovertrax, Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro and more.
  • 4.High Quality Structure,the frame support Max load:250 lbs ,it can support high weight,it is strong.

Two steering handles make the ride secure and it is simple to operate easily, this unique frame will give your kids an excellent experience and can let them unplug their electronics and provide a fun way to build up their muscles and practice essential motor-skills. It is an amazing ride for your family to enjoy, it’s really easy to install and smooth riding. It can let your body keep balance and keep it all interesting while driving and allow you to get exciting experience on flat land without falling. Lead an exciting lifestyle: What are you waiting for? You are only one click away to lead an exciting lifestyle with your own awesome balance board. Be the surprise driver in the circle: Become a surprise driver in the circle by showing your sense of speed and balance.


How to Use

You need to grasp two pull rod, and control the speed through them If you want to move forward or speed up, please put the pull rod down. If you want to slow down or retreat, please pull the pull rod behind. Operation is the same with people standing on the scooter.

What is in The Box:

  • 1x hoverboard Go-Kart
  • 2x pairs of Straps
  • 1xInstal Screws

Note: (Hoverboard Seat Only,Hoverboard is not included in the package.)

Hoverboard Seat Install Show:


Safe and Fun,No Need Stand,Easy install&Control:

This frame has three wheel supports to keep balance and safety, not easy to fall, can be controlled by sitting and not tired by standing for a long time. Just like the foot control when standing on the hoverboard, it can control the speed, like a go-kat,Easy to install, wheels that have been installed, just need to install handle and Seat Several screws,It’s a good choice. It’s very interesting. It’s also a good gift!


Product Details:

  • Max Sizes: 35x24x16 inches
  • Min sizes: 31x24x12 inches
  • Adjustable distance for Length: 4 inches
  • Max load:250 lbs
  • Carton sizes: 20 x 17 x8 inches
  • G.w:13 lbs


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