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Polestar 2 Available For Test Drives In Selected Cities

EV Automaker Polestar is now enabling prospective buyers to book the test drives of its Polestar 2 electric quickback. Its website now helps shoppers to schedule a visit to a shopping store nearby. In addition, the organization will also deliver Polestar 2 to your home or office, depending on where you are based. To date, […]

Kona, Ioniq, and Bus battery replacements

After some fires, Hyundai will replace batteries in all Kona, Ioniq EVs, and Elec City busses. Hyundai has now publicly announced that they will upgrade all their LG batteries with: 75,680 Kona EV electric cars 5,716 Ioniq electric cars 305 Elec City buses This is after a tough six-month stretch. There were 15 confirmed cases […]

New Electric Go Kart by Alibaba

Go-karts are the ultimate fun-mobiles to get a kid out there. But the days are over where you had to cough a fog of fatigue to the deafening rug of a single weeping, overworked piston. Nowadays, electric go-karts are providing children and adults alike with fast, quiet, and clean thrills around the local track or […]

HPS Domestique is the Lightest Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles are known for a lot of things, but shaving the pounds isn’t one of them. This makes the extremely lightweight HPS Domestique one of a very very few e-bikes renowned for their incredibly low-weight setups. The recently introduced HPS Domestique tips the scales at a weight of 8.5 kilograms (18.7 lb). The ultra-sleek […]

Hyundai Redesign Kona Electric SUV

A press release from Hyundai USA released a preview of the 2022 Kona Hybrid SUV, featuring a minor refresh. According to the automaker, some time this season, these EVs will be eligible in the US. Kona Electric made its debut in Korea and Europe for the first time in 2018, before launching in the United […]

Cheapest Electric SUV on Alibaba

Measuring 2.9 meters (9’6′′) from the bumper guard to the bumper guard, the Lesheng K2 electric SUV is small in stature but broad in the heart. As long as the heart isn’t the driver, this sweet little runaway carries just a 4,000W engine. But that’s enough to run a good 52 km/h (31 mph) cruise, […]

Tesla Is Launching A New Center Console In the Model Y Electric SUV.

Tesla began to launch the new center console in the Model Y electric SUV after adding it to Model 3 last year. Late last year, Tesla released a refresh version of Model 3 with a range of revised features. A new center screen for the two front seats was one of the major changes. Tesla […]

FuroSystems is launching a new Aventa urban electric bicycle

FuroSystems has just launched the new e-bike urban commuter venture, Aventa. Fresh off a €750,000 investment round, the British electric mobility firm FuroSystems is adding the lightweight Aventa to its line-up. At just 16.5 kg (36 lb), the aluminum alloy e-bike is definitely on the lightweight end of the e-bike scale. Although we’ve seen lighter […]

Renewables will be America’s leading source of Electricity by 2030.

By 2030, renewables will collectively surpass natural gas as the predominant source of electricity generation in the US, according to the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook 2021. But that’s not enough of that. The EIA also projects that the share of renewable energy in the US electricity generation mix will double from […]

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