Polestar 2 Available For Test Drives In Selected Cities

EV Automaker Polestar is now enabling prospective buyers to book the test drives of its Polestar 2 electric quickback. Its website now helps shoppers to schedule a visit to a shopping store nearby. In addition, the organization will also deliver Polestar 2 to your home or office, depending on where you are based. To date, Polestar has a limited retail footprint in selected US cities relative to other EV automakers.

The Polestar 2 is, believe it or not, the second automaker car of the same name. How are they coming up with this stuff? In comparison to PHEV Polestar 1, Polestar 2 is 100% electric. It is also the first mass-produced EV for the Polestar brand to operate under the broader Volvo Car Group umbrella.

Here's The Polestar 2 In The Flesh From Geneva | Carscoops

The development of Polestar 2 started in March 2020. However, just weeks after the first deliveries, almost all Polestar 2’s were recalled due to battery and inverter problems. Development seems to be back on track, and Volvo’s EV sub-brand is trying to re-shape demand in its five-door electric boost.

Polestar 2 test drive, subject to availability

Availability is the largest fine print in your area. According to the web of Polestar, you can now schedule a test drive for Polestar 2 by visiting one of several discount stores named “Polestar Rooms.” At present, though, these spaces are only open in three States. These are all the existing locations:

  • Mahwah, NJ (Polestar HQ)
  • NYC, NY (Polestar New York)
  • Corte Madera, CA (Polestar Marin)
  • Santa Monica, CA (Polestar LA)
  • Palo Alto, CA (Polestar San Jose)

If you want to keep your distance from a retail space, or just want Polestar to come to you, that’s also a choice now. The Polestar employee will drive to your preferred spot, where you will take over and drive your car. This alternative provides a larger network of test drive options as well as more cities of availability. Here’s where you can currently arrange an employee to drive a Polestar 2 to you:

  • New York Metro Area
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Los Angeles Metro Area
  • California’s Bay Area
  • Denver
  • Austin

Once you have booked your test drive visit, it will take Polestar 24-48 hours to validate, but then you’re good to go. As long as, of course, you have a valid driver’s license.

Source – Electrek

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