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CHINA EBIKE FACTORY——Ebike charging activates acceleration! DJI and Fuyuan are the first to launch GaN ultra-fast charging, faster and safer!

In recent years, the electric two-wheeler market has continued to heat up, with the popularity of electric bicycles and electric scooters as representative ...

Bafang Electric Accelerates Strategic Deployment, with its Subsidiary T&D Launching Two Off-Road Electric Motorcycle Power Systems at 2024 Eurobike

As a well-known motor brand in China, Bafang has secured its place in the global motor market with its profound technical accumulation and ...

The 2024 EUROBIKE ends,Wheelive will take you to see the excellent products at the exhibition!

With the grand opening of the 2024 European Bicycle Expo (EUROBIKE), the global bicycle industry's spotlight once again converged on this annual event. As the ...

Drone giant DJI makes a cross-industry foray with the launch of the ebike drive system – Avinox!

On July 3, 2024, at the European Bicycle Expo, DJI, a leader in the field of drones, unveiled an ebike drive system – Avinox, marking DJI's official entry ...

Clip E-Bike Conversion Kit – The “Game Changer” for Bicycles, Transforming Traditional Bikes into Electric Powerhouses!

In recent years, electric power-assisted bicycles (EPABs) have emerged as a new force in transportation, swiftly "claiming" the roads with a speed that is as ...

Bafang GVT Technology: A New Era of Intelligent Shifting for Electric Bicycles

In the wave of green travel, electric bicycles have gained widespread recognition for their environmentally friendly and convenient features. However, for a ...

Extending Battery Life and Enhancing Charging Safety – Is It Possible?

Electric vehicle charging often encounters uncertainties and safety concerns. How can we effectively monitor the charging process? How can we customize ...

In 2023, electric bicycle sales in Belgium exceeded traditional bicycles for the first time

According to data from the Traxio association, in 2023, electric bicycles in Belgium held a market share of 51.2%, surpassing traditional bicycles for the ...

Global Electric Two-Wheeler Market Data and Consumer Report

Against the backdrop of "carbon neutrality," the global electrification of two-wheeled transportation is accelerating. Electric bicycles and electric ...

The EU Includes Bicycles in “Right to Repair” Scope!

The European Commission has incorporated bicycles into the scope of the "right to repair" proposal in the EU. This proposal was first introduced by European ...

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