HPS Domestique is the Lightest Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles are known for a lot of things, but shaving the pounds isn’t one of them. This makes the extremely lightweight HPS Domestique one of a very very few e-bikes renowned for their incredibly low-weight setups.

The recently introduced HPS Domestique tips the scales at a weight of 8.5 kilograms (18.7 lb). The ultra-sleek electric road bike is the invention of Monaco-based HPS and features some pretty sleek e-bike technology.

The engine is a 200W device concealed in the seat tube of the bike. Designed using German and Swiss parts, it provides up to 20 Nm of torque through six different Pedal Assist speeds.

HPS Domestique

Half of the disguise comes from the neatly covered battery. Other stealthy e-bikes that we’ve checked will get away with hiding their batteries in a slightly bumpy downtub. But the handmade carbon frame of the HPS Domestique doesn’t deliver the chunky battery cover downtube.

Instead, the organization cleverly hid the battery somewhere else. You see the bottle of water? As you might have guessed, it’s not a bottle of water. It’s a 193 Wh battery that provides up to three hours of assistance at the lowest Pedal Assist stage and recharges in just two hours.

I hope you’re sitting down at this point, because the price is coming. The Domestique would cost you €12,000, which is $14,449 USD at today’s exchange rate.

Source – Electrek

Video by: CyclingTips

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