Electric Scooter vs Kick Scooter: Which One’s Better in 2022?

Electric Scooter vs Kick Scooter?

You may have pondered whether an electric scooter is superior to a manually operated kick scooter if you are looking into transportation alternatives. You could be surprised by the response, which is highly influenced by your personal preferences.

Due to the recent popularity of personal mobility vehicles, some people have begun to question what would happen if you put an electric scooter up against a kick scooter. How do kick scooters compare to the best electric scooters for running errands and enjoying yourself? Find out by reading on.

These days, there are many different types of scooters available. A normal kick scooter or an electric scooter are both options. Which one then is best for you? To assist you in making your choice, below is a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of each variety.

What is a kick scooter?

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A kick scooter is very similar to the sort of scooter you might have used when you were younger. You raise your back foot off the ground while standing on a platform to go forward. Once you reach your desired destination, you can stop kicking, stand on the platform, and let the scooter roll itself.

In comparison to walking, you ought to arrive at your destination significantly more quickly. Walking would have you moving at a speed of 2.5 to 3 mph, while a kick scooter may easily reach speeds of around 9 mph. The speed of a kick scooter is then roughly three times that of walking, and you’ll also expend a little less energy during your coasting periods.

What is an electric scooter?

From the outside, an electric scooter resembles a kick scooter quite closely, although it has more features. Since an electric scooter is battery-powered, accelerating with the throttle sets its speed. The top speed varies according on the model, but the user doesn’t have to exert any effort. However, you are unable to continue using an e-scooter manually if the battery runs out.

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Electric scooters typically weigh more than conventional kick scooters because of the electrical components within. But as technology advances, manufacturers are coming up with new strategies for making lighter frames.

Which Scooter Is Faster?

Kick scooters can’t move as quickly as electric scooters. This is so that they can travel rapidly and easily; electric scooters have motors. Kick scooters, on the other hand, are propelled by your own power. This implies that they are slower than electric scooters.

Kick scooters can only go five to seven miles per hour, and even less climbing uphill, but motorized scooters can sometimes go up to 20 miles per hour. Consider an electric scooter instead of a one-wheel scooter if you’re looking for a vehicle with a similar speed to an e-scooter.

Which is safer?

Although kick scooters are typically thought to be safer for children and adults to use, electric scooters may have the advantage in terms of speed. Lithium batteries, which are delicate and have previously had safety difficulties, are used in motorized scooters. Additionally, motorized scooters are less safe than kick scooters due to the high speeds they can achieve. The bike lane is usable by both cars.


Scooters, both electric and kick variants, are a very obvious choice when it comes to portability. If you need to bring your regular bike along for a longer journey, it will be practically impossible to fit it in the back of your car without a bike rack.

A typical electric bike weighs at least 40 pounds and frequently 50 or more. It is also very heavy. Even though some electric bikes may be folded, the frame is heavier than that of a scooter.

A scooter, on the other hand, is typically lighter and smaller and is therefore a more practical option for many. It’s not too difficult to lift and move around some electric scooter models, which weigh between 20 and 25 pounds.

A kick scooter should weigh no more than 15 pounds, possibly a little more for some models.

Additionally, almost all kick scooters can be folded, and more electric scooter models also have this feature. A scooter is probably a better option than a bike if you’re looking for something more portable that you can carry with you on a bus or train.

Which lasts longer?

Kick scooters outlast motorized scooters and other electric vehicles, such as electric cycles, in terms of durability and longevity. They are typically constructed from premium materials like steel or reinforced plastic. Additionally, they don’t have an electric motor, reducing the possibility of a malfunction. Kick scooters don’t have batteries, motors, or delicate gyroscopic balance systems that need to be calibrated. Pneumatic tires are another feature of the greatest kick scooters.

Which is more expensive?

For the same reason that they often last longer, regular kick scooters are less expensive than powered scooters. Since electrical components are not expensive and have been used for many years, manufacturers have had plenty of time to perfect their manufacturing techniques.

While a kick scooter may be purchased for as little as $50 US, a standard bike is far more expensive, possibly costing over $300 US for a reliable road vehicle.

It is possible to electrify the bike that has been gathering dust in your garage, but that is no easy task, and you might not be able to complete it on your own.


It could be difficult to decide between an electric scooter and a kick scooter. As a primary factor in my decision, I would take distance into consideration. After 3 miles of kicking your back foot off the ground, you will be exhausted when you get to school or work, but since it is only a mile journey, a kick scooter is more appealing.

Another essential factor is speed. On a summer morning, riding a kick scooter quickly can be too much. You don’t want to be overheated when you go to work.

Which do you think would be better for your mode of transportation—a kick scooter or an electric one? To find out more, go to WHEELive.

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