Monthly Archives: February 2016

U.S. Government Agency Declares Hoverboards Unsafe

IT’S GENERALLY HEALTHY to think in shades of grey; things are rarely either all good or all bad. Except, it turns out, hoverboards, which the Consumer Product Safety Commission has officially warned are unsafe. All of them. For now, anyway. The CPSC letter, addressed to the “manufacturers, importers, and retailers of self-balancing scooters,” urges those […]

That insanely-expensive hoverboard is now $5,000 cheaper,So?

Did you take a look at Arca Space’s honest-to-goodness actual hoverboard and think that $19,900 was a bit too much? That’s excellent, because the firm has revealed that its canny business deals have lowered the price down to just $14,900. It’s a fact that should please all none of its pre-order customers, which can expect the […]

The Wild West of Exploding Hoverboards May Soon Come to an End

MAYBE YOU’VE BEEN holding off buying a hoverboard because you’re afraid it’ll catch fire and burn down your house. Smart you! But thanks to a new certification process, it should be easy to find one that’s far less likely to explode. UL, the firm that conducts OSHA-approved safety testing on consumer products (they’re the people who […]

Hoverboard Makers and Regulators Clash, and Much Shade Is Thrown

IT’S NO SECRET that hoverboards have a spotty safety record. The wildly popular and totally inane gadgets have a tendency to suddenly and spontaneously combust, and countless people have injured themselves falling off of them. Finally, after months of inaction, US regulators are taking the first tentative steps to do something about it. The Consumer Product […]

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