2024 Spring Canton Fair:Wheelive Takes You on a Tour of the Two-Wheel Industry Boom.

The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened grandly in Guangzhou on April 15th. Covering an exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters, ...

The grand opening of the 2024 Hong Kong Global Resources Exhibition, interpreting the boom in the two-wheeler industry

On April 11th, the Global Resources Consumer Electronics Fair opened grandly at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. As one of the globally influential consumer ...

Road Safety Accidents Surge, Electric Bike Riders in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, Required to Wear Reflective Vests

Starting on December 16, the Ilocos Norte Provincial Police in the Philippines is requiring riders of motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, electric bikes, and ...

Micro-Mobility Reform in Australia – Electric Scooter Craze Sweeps Across Australia

Australia's short-distance travel market is gradually being covered by electric scooters and electric bikes, driven by rising fuel prices, as discussed in an ...

A Must-Have for Urban Commuters! Siggi, the Electric Folding Bike, Weighing Only 13 Kilograms

With the expansion of the electric bike market and technological advancements, manufacturers have introduced various bicycles with different configurations, ...

India begins drafting standards for electric bicycles.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is in the process of drafting standards for electric-assist bicycles. Industry insiders involved in drafting the ...

Huawei  joins hands with XDS to jointly launch the first Hongmeng-powered electric-assist bicycle, initiating a revolution in smart cycling!

On the afternoon of December 12, 2023, the Urban Rider, a electric-assist bicycle co-developed by Xidesheng and Huawei Smart Selection, made its grand debut ...

The Most Promising Cargo Bike Market — Germany Averaging Over 60% Annual Growth

In Europe, along with the trendy electric bikes and stylish e-scooters, there's a growing presence of cargo bikes with retro designs and larger capacities ...

Paul’s Cycles Sees 31% Year-on-Year Revenue Growth, Social Media Emerges as a Key Driver!

In 2023, the cycling industry grappled with challenges like high inventory, low demand, and inflation. Many distributors and retailers reported layoffs and ...

Ultimate Freight Partner — Paxxter E Trailer, Weightless Cargo Experience

Freight is an unavoidable topic in everyday life. Whether commuting to work, shopping for daily needs, or even traveling with a trailer, you need storage ...

Japanese Bicycle Market—An Aging Market Embracing Electric Assistance, Awaiting Momentum

The Japanese bicycle market ranks among the world's largest bicycle markets. Japan's urban environment is conducive to cycling, making bicycles extremely ...

Empowering Two-Wheel Travel with Technology: Tezeus Electric Bike Makes Travel More Efficient!

In overseas markets, primarily represented by Europe and the United States, electric bikes have become a necessity for most people's daily commutes. Although ...

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