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Lewis Hamilton sports ripped jeans and branded fleece as he rides unicycle around Barcelona with pet dogs

He lives his life in the fast lane - both on and off-track. But Lewis Hamilton traded in his Formula 1 racing car for a mode of transport far more relaxing ...

Felicity Huffman skilfully masters the hoverboard

She may have been nominated for an Academy Award and is one of the world's most revered actresses but turns out she has what many other celebrities lack - ...

Mountain of illegal “exploding” hoverboards erupts into flames after being seized at Heathrow to be destroyed

  Trading Standards were destroying 90 potentially dangerous hoverboards when they caught fire  The devices had to be sprayed with a powder-based fire ...

China’s hoverboard makers are banding together to try to save the industry

  China’s fragmented, chaotic hoverboard industry is trying to clean itself up. More than 100 Chinese hoverboard sellers, assemblers, and component ...

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