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Swagway Teardown: What Makes a Safe Hoverboard?

From:ifixit We teamed up with The Wirecutter and Ken Shirriff to measure the Swagway’s Swag. The device that makes walking look pedestrian: the much-blogged-about “hoverboard.” You may have seen those super cool kids, effortlessly gliding around the supermarket while you’re stuck walking the produce section—like a chump. You may have thought to yourself, “Should I […]

You Can’t Ride a Hoverboard Without Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity

PEOPLE CALL THEM HOVERBOARDS, but they clearly don’t hover. If you haven’t seen one, it’s basically a Segway without the handle. So sure, riding one makes it look like you’re gliding over the surface, sort of like hovering.Riding a hoverboard requires some physics. In this case, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. We can use it to explain […]

how to switch the mode of your smart wheel/scooter/mini segway/hover board

mini eletric scooter, or we call it smartwheel, mini segway, hover board, etc, which is absolutely the hotest product this year.   but do you know it has 2 different modes in the system? and they are interchangable. beginner mode: on this moede, the scooter is more slower and easier to balance, you feel not […]

how to diagnose and repair broken hoverboard

This how-to generally works with most self balancing electric scooter smart wheel / hoverboard / mini segway many issues arose due to some cables went loose or got  disconnected inside the control unit of the hoverboard so what caused that? Vibration from riding or shabby workmanship from the factory that assembled hoverboard in a hurry and […]

Brands with / without unexpected shutdowns (new buyers look here)

Problem One: BMS shutdown Most popular low-priced generic style brands, and many other popular brands of the last generation, are made with an electric bicycle style battery management system (BMS). This part can try to protect the battery and shut down instead of protecting the rider, even in the best conditions. This means, the unit […]

what we should pay attention to riding the balancing electric unicycle

a lot of people like riding self balancing unicycle now,because it is easy to control, and convenience to our life.but there are still we should pay attention to riding the unicycle to keep you safely and comfortably. 1.never let the children under the age of 12 alone on the road to play. 2.don’t forget wearing […]


Electric Self Balancing unicycle is a kind of electric driven transportation vehicle, and it is one of the traffic tool for city, unprecedented new means of transport. This unicycle has been used in personal transportation, work patrol, indoor venues, golf carts, police patrol, exhibition, large venue staff transportation, tourism, entertainment and many other aspects, extremely […]

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