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Can You Use An Electric Scooter In The Rain?

Can electric scooters be used in the rain? The question of whether electric scooters can be used in the rain is one that many people have. Yes is the clear-cut response. Most scooters can be used without issue in mild rain, however riding in severe rain will result in issues, such as damage to the […]

How To Do Maintenance On An Electric Scooter

Why Is Important To Do Regular Maintenance On An Electric Scooter? While using your electric scooter recently, did you notice any issues? If so, you should use these maintenance advice for electric scooters. Even while electric scooters (or “e-scooters”) don’t have nearly as many parts as a vehicle does, they nevertheless need routine maintenance. When […]

How To Maintain An Electric Bike?

Probable Tips on How To Maintain An Electric Bike There may be numerous operational components that need maintenance when it comes to electric bike upkeep. At first, it can be a little intimidating to know what has to be done and when, but don’t worry; the fundamentals of electric bike maintenance aren’t at all challenging. […]

Tesla still dominates between 7 electric cars

Tesla still dominates between 7 electric cars but it’s close The new teardown of battery cells between 7 electric cars resulted that Tesla is still on the top spot on electric car batteries. Electric vehicles are evolving and manufacturers are starting to stick to similar battery chemistry. Car manufacturers are helping for the development of […]

Maintenance Tips On How To Keep Your Car In The Best Shape

Car maintenance to keep it to the best shape Regular maintenance is always the way to keep your vehicle in the best condition. Having a well condition car is a boost to your safety while driving. Here are some tips for you: Regular inspection and maintenance of tires Tires are one of the main parts […]

how to switch the mode of your smart wheel/scooter/mini segway/hover board

mini eletric scooter, or we call it smartwheel, mini segway, hover board, etc, which is absolutely the hotest product this year.   but do you know it has 2 different modes in the system? and they are interchangable. beginner mode: on this moede, the scooter is more slower and easier to balance, you feel not […]

how to diagnose and repair broken hoverboard

This how-to generally works with most self balancing electric scooter smart wheel / hoverboard / mini segway many issues arose due to some cables went loose or got  disconnected inside the control unit of the hoverboard so what caused that? Vibration from riding or shabby workmanship from the factory that assembled hoverboard in a hurry and […]

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