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Manual Cars That You Can Still Buy in 2021

These are the manual cars that you can still buy on 2021 As automatic cars popularity increases in the market, some people would say that manual cars are endangered as time passes by. Before, choosing a manual car meant choosing  performance and efficiency advantages over the optional slush box but those days are almost over […]

Hybrid Vs Electric Cars: Which is better?

Which is better and what to buy? This is a comparison on Hybrid Vs Electric Cars. What is a Hybrid Car? Hybrid cars are the combination of electric cars and traditional gasoline-powered cars. It has a combustion engine that runs on gasoline and an electric motor with an attached rechargeable battery pack for electric-powered driving. […]

Maintenance Tips On How To Keep Your Car In The Best Shape

Car maintenance to keep it to the best shape Regular maintenance is always the way to keep your vehicle in the best condition. Having a well condition car is a boost to your safety while driving. Here are some tips for you: Regular inspection and maintenance of tires Tires are one of the main parts […]

Manual Transmission Cars Are Dying But Some Still Prefer Driving With Sticks

Manual cars a dying breed but many drivers would still prefer manual transmissions Have you ever watched the Fast & Furious movies? It’s pretty awesome and satisfying when they are gear shifting, right? Some manual car lovers says that you aren’t really driving a car unless you are in a stick shift. There are a […]

You Can Buy an Electric Unicycle and That’s a Lot of Happiness

You can buy an electric unicycle to satisfy your happiness The world is approaching where all runs on electricity, people owns electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes and even electric unicycles. Yeah, you heard it right. A unicycle that runs on electricity. Small personal electric vehicles for personal mobility are also known as last mile […]

Hoverboard Tips For Beginners

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are personalized means of travel. This consists of two motorized wheels attached to a pair of rigid pads onwhich the driver positions his feet. In fact, the rider can adjust the pace of the hoverboard by leaning forwardor backward and change the direction by turning the pads. Tips For Beginners Always read the instructions Through following the directions, your health and that of others will be assured, plus you willknow more about its different functions and eventually get the best out of what it has to deliver. Charge it properly before using Generally speaking, hoverboards need no longer than one or two […]

Electric Scooters: The Next Phase of Eco-Friendly Mobility

The Next Phase Of Eco-Friendly Mobility Today, not all places can be reachable by walking and not all cars or motorcycles can fit through anything. The time we live in is the time to be practical, the idea of having to save money,  convenient transportation and able to help the environment.  What is an electric […]

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