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Rad Power Announces Product UL Certification; New York Cleans Up Commuter Products

Rad Power Bikes announced this month that all of its electric bicycles and lithium-ion battery products have received UL certification. Following the formal ...

U.S. College Campuses Begin Banning Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles have been a popular choice for college students for getting around on campuses and in college towns, but many universities are now starting ...

Technibike Abandons German Production Base in Favor of Eastern Europe

The bicycle supplier Technibike GmbH has decided to abandon its production facility in Stassfurt, Germany, and relocate to Eastern Europe. In recent years, ...

The gravel bike market is steadily expanding, representing a category of growth in the industry

Gravel bikes originated from gravel racing events in the United States and are also known as gravel-grinders. Since their inception, they have gained ...

Ebike Rental Models Quietly Thriving in Europe, Many Vehicle Brands Joining In

The personal short-distance travel economy has given rise to a significant growth market, and electric bicycles (ebikes) have become the latest trendy mode of ...

Pave BK Electric Motorcycle, Priced at Nearly $5,000, Can Also Be Shared for Earnings!

Lightweight motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in the market, offering both powerful performance and a compact, lightweight design. One such ...

Cannondale Enters the Cargo Transportation Market with Two Electric Cargo Bicycles

If there's any mode of transportation that can replace cars for short to medium-distance travel, it's undoubtedly cargo bicycles. While electric bikes may ...

In the era of electrification, it’s time to upgrade your camping vehicle!

Camping has become a popular way for young people to relax. Gathering with friends, fishing, barbecuing, enjoying the breeze, and sharing stories around the ...

Shimano Introduces 12-Speed Mechanical 105 Groupset

It's easy to see from the big trends that more and more road bikes are using electronic shifting. They've gotten rid of overly complex wiring, making the ...

Pierer New Mobility’s Bicycle and E-Bike Sales Growth

Pierer is a manufacturer of motorcycles and bicycles that owns three internationally renowned motorcycle brands, including KTM Motorrad, HUSQVARNA ...

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