electric vehicles
The Future For Commuting Is Micromobility

Introduction to Micromobility Micromobility has enormous potential for the world's congested cities, and not just as a means of reducing traffic and ...

LEF Micro EV for the city

One of those funny electric velomobiles or e-bike/pedal-car hybrids looks like another. Yet neither is the LEF. Instead, without even a hint of pedals, it's a ...

Electric Vehicles Launches To Look Out In 2021

The last year was remarkably good for Electric vehicles. But several of the cars that were due to be launched in 2020 have fallen to the next year. New ...

GMC Hummer EV earns a staggering amount of pre-orders

GM formally launched the GMC Hummer EV in October, an all-electric "supertruck" with a range of up to 350 miles and a starting price of $80,000. With a lot of ...

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