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Kona, Ioniq, and Bus battery replacements

After some fires, Hyundai will replace batteries in all Kona, Ioniq EVs, and Elec City busses. Hyundai has now publicly announced that they will upgrade all their LG batteries with: 75,680 Kona EV electric cars 5,716 Ioniq electric cars 305 Elec City buses This is after a tough six-month stretch. There were 15 confirmed cases […]

Hyundai Redesign Kona Electric SUV

A press release from Hyundai USA released a preview of the 2022 Kona Hybrid SUV, featuring a minor refresh. According to the automaker, some time this season, these EVs will be eligible in the US. Kona Electric made its debut in Korea and Europe for the first time in 2018, before launching in the United […]

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