Monthly Archives: April 2015

Can this one-wheeled wonder change the way you commute to work?

Two wheels good, one wheel better? – Created by UK company Airwheel, they use use internal stabilizers to allow a rider to steer and keep balance. Two wheels good, one wheel better? – A “postie” trials the Airwheel unicycle in Birmingham. The company says the devices are now becoming popular with urban commuters. Two wheels […]

Concept car turns into a party pad for chill millennials

            The Deep Orange 5 is part car, part party venue. The concept vehicle has double-hinged doors that open out like nightclub doors, allowing easy access to seats that can be reversed, turning it from car into social space. It’s the creation of Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research, developed […]

The Onewheel self-balancing, single-wheeled skateboard comes to CES

It’s hard not to do a double-take when first laying eyes on the Onewheel. After all, it is a single-wheeled skateboard that uses an electric motor, accelerometers, gyros and a microcontroller to give riders a smooth, self-balancing ride. The contraption’s creator, Kyle Doerksen, brought a prototype by the Engadget trailer here at CES, and we […]

Aptera 2e three-wheeler deemed a car by the DoE, eligible for funding

For a time, it looked Aptera might be missing out on the US Department of Energy’s funding bonanza for energy-efficient vehicles due to its car’s three-wheeled nature, but it looks like President Obama has now had the final say on the matter, and signed legislation that makes both two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles eligible for the […]

Antistatic E-3POD concept wins Citroen design award, job for its student creator

Who says dreaming doesn’t pay? A young designer by the name of Heikki Juvonen recently won himself a six-month job placement at Citroen’s PSA Design Centre in Paris after producing the most compelling response to the company’s Double Challenge set to students at London’s Royal College of Art. The premise was simple — put together […]

Ryno Motors self-balancing, single-wheeled scooter test ride

We’ve had the opportunity to ride some crazy contraptions over the years here at Engadget, like the skateboard-cum-tank Shredder and the self-balancing two-seater from GM called the EN-V. Today we carry on that tradition with another thing that can keep itself — and its occupant — perched upright. It’s called the Ryno, an all-electric single-wheeled […]

MIT scholar builds a self-balancing unicycle to roll fast and furious around campus

Sure, we’ve shown you the goofy SBU v2.0 unicycle, but what’s better than a glorious DIY project? MIT student Stephan Boyer has built his own electrical uni-ride, which he’s dubbing the “Bullet.” The single-wheel transporter packs a custom MIG-welded steel body, two 7Ah 12-volt batteries, an ATmega328 chip and a 450-watt electric motor. While the […]

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