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Hyundai Redesign Kona Electric SUV

A press release from Hyundai USA released a preview of the 2022 Kona Hybrid SUV, featuring a minor refresh. According to the automaker, some time this season, these EVs will be eligible in the US. Kona Electric made its debut in Korea and Europe for the first time in 2018, before launching in the United […]

Cheapest Electric SUV on Alibaba

Measuring 2.9 meters (9’6′′) from the bumper guard to the bumper guard, the Lesheng K2 electric SUV is small in stature but broad in the heart. As long as the heart isn’t the driver, this sweet little runaway carries just a 4,000W engine. But that’s enough to run a good 52 km/h (31 mph) cruise, […]

BMW iX3 electric SUV

BMW is introducing an iX3 electric SUV in Europe with a car coming from China to dealerships. When the BMW iX3 concept vehicle was introduced in 2018, the German automaker said it will be the first electric vehicle based on its fifth generation electric powertrain technology intended to allow a longer range of electric vehicles. […]

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