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Tesla is hiring for its first battery cell factory

Tesla is now increasing production at its pilot production line in Fremont. As we have previously mentioned, Tesla has developed the entire production system named Roadrunner in-house and is currently using the production line to upgrade its machinery with the intent of deploying a full-scale production plant using the production system. Tesla is believed to […]

Tesla Reached 20,000 Supercharger Stalls

Over the last few years, Tesla has made a number of great promises to expand the Supercharger network, but it has been falling short. The delay appeared to be at least partly related to the deployment of Supercharger V3, a new generation of Supercharger technology, which itself experienced several delays. At the end of last […]

Tesla will be expanding Full Self-Driving to Canada and Norway next year.

Elon Musk has reported that Tesla is extending its Full Self-Driving beta program to Canada and Norway. As we’ve been covering extensively over the last few weeks, Tesla has begun promoting an early version (alpha actually) of its “Absolute Self-Driving” program. The upgrade adds Autonomous Turns at Intersections and Auto Lane changes on city streets. […]

Tesla Solar Roof

Elon Musk: Tesla’s next ‘killer product’ is Solar Roof. Elon Musk claims that Tesla’s new ‘killer device’ is the Solar Roof and that next year it will become ‘obvious.’ It looks like Tesla is getting ready to recruit an army of roofers. During a conference call following Tesla’s Q3 2020 earnings results this week, Tesla […]

Tesla broke a new record for vehicle deliveries

Tesla broke a new record for vehicle deliveries, saying that it delivered 139,300 vehicles worldwide between July and September 2020, according to preliminary figures released Friday morning. The Q3 result is up significantly compared to the 2020 Q1 and Q2 results, which were 88,400 and 90,650 respectively. It also effectively surpassed the previous record of […]

The 5 best electric cars to buy in 2020

The time it takes to charge the battery is coming down, the range of the electric vehicle is going up, more mass-market vehicles are going electrically and more public charging points are being installed. Here are the best new electric vehicles available for 2020. Volkswagen ID.3 ID.3 will be available in the UK next year […]

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