Tesla Is Launching A New Center Console In the Model Y Electric SUV.

Tesla began to launch the new center console in the Model Y electric SUV after adding it to Model 3 last year. Late last year, Tesla released a refresh ...

Tesla New Semi Electric Truck

We have recently announced that a new semi-electric truck concept has been designed by Tesla, possibly the first in three years, ahead of the launch of ...

Tesla vs Waymo

Tesla and Waymo have taken the media and social media to spar who has the best self-driving vehicles. Waymo Waymo and Tesla have a wide variety of ...

Tesla Model 3 Prices in Europe

Tesla has long been the pioneer in electric vehicles, since the automaker was early on to invest in mass manufacturing, as the other automakers focused on the ...

Tesla launches New Model Y

Tesla is introducing Model Y today with a new Standard Range RWD variant and a new 3rd row 7-seat option. It's taking the simple price of the electric SUV ...

Electric Vehicles Launches To Look Out In 2021

The last year was remarkably good for Electric vehicles. But several of the cars that were due to be launched in 2020 have fallen to the next year. New ...

Tesla is releasing three new in-car video games

Tesla is releasing 3 new in-car video games on its arcade site as part of its broader holiday app upgrade. A photo of release notes has leaked to Reddit – ...

Tesla new solar panel system size options

Tesla has announced new size choices for its rooftop solar panel system, doubling the number of options for homeowners looking to go solar. Over the last ...

Tesla is hiring for its first battery cell factory

Tesla is now increasing production at its pilot production line in Fremont. As we have previously mentioned, Tesla has developed the entire production ...

Tesla Reached 20,000 Supercharger Stalls

Over the last few years, Tesla has made a number of great promises to expand the Supercharger network, but it has been falling short. The delay appeared to be ...

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