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China’s new energy vehicle production surging

produced China's new energy vehicle production surging New energy vehicles,Chinese automakers produced more than 25,000 in June--BEIJING, July 7 Four times as ...

Morgan 3-wheeler may enter production soon

  In brief: New electric version of the classic Morgan 3-wheeler debuts as prototype that may enter production soon. The Morgan Three Wheeler is one ...

Volvo Kills the Passenger Seat to Make Room for Baby

SO YOU’RE RICH. You have a chauffeur because driving yourself is for the hoi polloi. But you also have a young child. How best to transport both you and your ...

Audi’s next car will drive on the Moon

  German car manufacturer Audi has teamed up with a group of scientists to design a lunar rover. A team of German engineers competing in Google's Lunar ...

Smooth Moves: Riding Insanely Fun Scooter Boards

You’ve seen Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and JR Smith cruising on these things. What are they exactly? Are they safe? Can I buy one? WIRED Senior Writer David ...

California’s push for cleaner buses could edge out natural gas

The new push by California's powerful Air Resources Board (CARB) has the potential to marginalize natural gas as a bus fuel in the same way its adoption once ...

Germany’s first hydrogen filling station on the autobahn opens

ETAuto Bureau Stuttgart: As part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), Germany's first motorway hydrogen filling station was inaugurated here on Monday. It ...

BMW starts testing first hydrogen fuel-cell car

BMW will test a vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells on public roads this month as the German automaker looks to expand clean-car offerings after rolling out ...

Ford puts self-driving car project in fast lane

America’s second largest automaker Ford is shifting focus from Detroit to Silicon Valley as it plays catch up to technology innovations in the fast-changing ...

a solar-powered car for family

LONDON: Dutch students have developed a family car powered by the sun which generates more energy than it uses while reaching speeds of up to 125 kilometres ...

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