Monthly Archives: September 2020

One wheel electric balance scooter review

The one wheel electric balance scooter looks different from most of the other electric people-movers out there: it’s an electric skateboard built around a single 10-inch-wide air-filled tire, natural rubber tire, powerful motor, bluetooth speaker and many more new features. If you’re used to seeing two-wheeled hoverboards, or four-wheeled skateboards, this craft appears to be […]

You Can Buy an Electric Unicycle and That’s a Lot of Happiness

You can buy an electric unicycle to satisfy your happiness The world is approaching where all runs on electricity, people owns electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes and even electric unicycles. Yeah, you heard it right. A unicycle that runs on electricity. Small personal electric vehicles for personal mobility are also known as last mile […]

Hoverboard Tips For Beginners

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are personalized means of travel. This consists of two motorized wheels attached to a pair of rigid pads onwhich the driver positions his feet. In fact, the rider can adjust the pace of the hoverboard by leaning forwardor backward and change the direction by turning the pads. Tips For Beginners Always read the instructions Through following the directions, your health and that of others will be assured, plus you willknow more about its different functions and eventually get the best out of what it has to deliver. Charge it properly before using Generally speaking, hoverboards need no longer than one or two […]

Coolest hoverboard accessories for you

After choosing the perfect hoverboard for you, there are tons of hoverboard accessories you can use to improve your hoverboard experience. Some accessories are needed to protect you and your hoverboard, while others are just for fun. Here are the coolest hoverboards accessories you must have. Silicone cover for 6.5 inch hoverboard Made of soft, […]

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