Why Should You Buy An Electric Scooter?

Should I Buy An Electric Scooter? Electric scooters are lightweight, practical, and easy to ride, and in some situations, they can get you to work faster than your automobile. Despite how great they sound, they have certain drawbacks, namely the price. This article should assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase an electric […]

Tesla’s Supercharger map has been updated with a number of additional forthcoming locations and deadlines

Tesla’s Supercharger map Tesla has published an updated version of their Supercharger map, which includes numerous more planned stations as well as revised completion schedules. The manufacturer wants to expand its Supercharger network by three times its current size. Tesla updates its Supercharger map on its ‘discover us’ website once a year. The carmaker refreshes the map […]

Last year, Tesla claims that 400,000 Storm Watch activations on Powerwalls were made.

Tesla had 400,000 Storm Watch activations In 2021, Tesla had 400,000 Storm Watch activations on Powerwall battery packs, according to the company. In the event of severe weather, the function assists households in avoiding power interruptions. Tesla began incorporating features for Powerwall and solar customers into its mobile app for vehicle owners in 2018. A […]

Tesla introduces the ‘TeslaMic,’ an in-car karaoke microphone.

TeslaMic is introduced Tesla has unveiled a new device, the TeslaMic, a microphone built for its in-car karaoke system. For the time being, it’s only available in China. Tesla began rolling out its ‘Chinese New Year’ software upgrade in China today.Tesla, like the rest of the globe, frequently packages features into a larger end-of-year software […]

In the United States, electric bicycles are currently outselling electric cars and plug-in hybrids combined

Electric bicycles are currently outselling electric cars and plug-in hybrids combined in the market Since the beginning of the epidemic, electric bicycles sales have been on an upward track, and recent figures reveal that they are already selling more units than electric automobiles and plug-in hybrids combined. The Light Electric Vehicle Association has revealed numbers that […]

Apple partner Foxconn might build Fisker electric car for global markets

Apple partner Foxconn might build Fisker electric car Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn is working with Fisker Inc., a partnership that the Taiwanese firm was able to develop Fisker electric cars for global markets starting in 2023. On Wednesday, the two companies announced a Memorandum of Understanding for the Jointly Formed “Global Electric Vehicle Project” to […]

Polestar 2 Available For Test Drives In Selected Cities

EV Automaker Polestar is now enabling prospective buyers to book the test drives of its Polestar 2 electric quickback. Its website now helps shoppers to schedule a visit to a shopping store nearby. In addition, the organization will also deliver Polestar 2 to your home or office, depending on where you are based. To date, […]

Kona, Ioniq, and Bus battery replacements

After some fires, Hyundai will replace batteries in all Kona, Ioniq EVs, and Elec City busses. Hyundai has now publicly announced that they will upgrade all their LG batteries with: 75,680 Kona EV electric cars 5,716 Ioniq electric cars 305 Elec City buses This is after a tough six-month stretch. There were 15 confirmed cases […]

USPS announces a replacement contract for the postal fleet, doesn’t even go all-electric.

USPS announces a replacement contract for the postal flee USPS today announced that it has awarded its postal fleet replacement contract, and the government agency has been disappointed that it is not going all-electric. One of the first things Joe Biden did as president was to announce that the federal government is moving its entire […]

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