Onewheel is a self-balancing single-wheeled electric skateboard

If the idea of combining a Segway, a skateboard and a unicycle sounds like your idea of fun, you might want to check out the Onewheel.

It uses gyros, accelerometers, proprietary algorithms and a single rubber tire to give its passengers a smooth, self-balancing ride that supposedly mimics surfing or snowboarding on dry land. Its direct-drive motor pairs with the aforementioned components to determine the board’s speed based on a how you lean your body. Compared to something like the ZBoard, though, the Onewheel seems incredibly lithe; all of its components are stored within the billet-aluminum-and-maple plank, giving it a sleek aesthetic. With an estimated battery life of about 20 minutes per-charge though, the contraption comes off as more of a fancy toy than a means of transportation. Should you fancy taking a (short) ride for yourself, it won’t be cheap: The minimum pledge required to claim a Onewheel as your own is $1,200. For that price, you could build about three of Gob Bluth’s rides yourself.

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