Electric Scooters: The Next Phase of Eco-Friendly Mobility

The Next Phase Of Eco-Friendly Mobility

Today, not all places can be reachable by walking and not all cars or motorcycles can fit through anything. The time we live in is the time to be practical, the idea of having to save money,  convenient transportation and able to help the environment. 

What is an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are two to four wheeled with a foldable chassis scooters powered that relies on electricity for power consumption. 

There scooters have major differences from mobility scooter but they also allow human propulsion and has no gears.

For professional trickster scooters their scooters have a larger front wheel than normal type electric scooters.

Here’s why you should get your own Electric scooter:

Avoiding Traffic

Being stuck in traffic can be tough and time consuming, having to wait for the red light can waste a lot of time. E-scooters can swiftly avoid those nasty traffics.


Electric Scooters relies on electricity instead of fossil fuels, you can be a great ambassador on helping Mother Earth thrive. Avoiding pollution is a great feature for this transportation. 

Low Maintenance

As long as you take care and use it right, relying on your wallet for maintenance wouldn’t be an issue in the long run. You don’t need to worry about oil change, flat tires and etc. 


Compared to cars and motorcycles or even bicycles, electric scooters can be so affordable depending on the model. Avoiding to pay bus and taxi fares in the long run be such a relief.

Highly Convenient

When you’re done or reached your destination, you can just fold it and carry it without hassle. Electrics scooters a light, you can just carry it wherever you go or pack it with its bag. 

It Makes you look cool

It just makes you cool!

Why Wait? You should have yours now!

WHEELive offers the latest and high quality Electronic Scooters available in the market with fast shipping when ordered. You are just one click away of owning your own E-Scooter!

Cedric Brian Regis

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