Coolest hoverboard accessories for you

After choosing the perfect hoverboard for you, there are tons of hoverboard accessories you can use to improve your hoverboard experience. Some accessories are needed to protect you and your hoverboard, while others are just for fun. Here are the coolest hoverboards accessories you must have.

Silicone cover for 6.5 inch hoverboard

Made of soft, comfortable, flexible and solid silicone that will Protect your self balance scooter from scratching and scuffing, and keep the surface clean.

Safe Set for hoverboard Skateboard Roller Blading

Hoverboards are now much safer due to the required UL Certifications. But there’s always a risk that comes with riding them. But wearing proper safety equipment will help keep you safe and protected from injuries in most situations.

Hoverseat Go-kart for Hoverboard

Have you bought a hoverboard for your kid, but they find it hard to balance? A better way to use your hoverboard is to have a go-kart mount, also referred to as a hoverseat go-kart.

What are you waiting for?

Go and grab the best hoverboard accessories that will suit you and make your hoverboard experience better

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