You Can Buy an Electric Unicycle and That’s a Lot of Happiness

You can buy an electric unicycle to satisfy your happiness

The world is approaching where all runs on electricity, people owns electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes and even electric unicycles. Yeah, you heard it right. A unicycle that runs on electricity. Small personal electric vehicles for personal mobility are also known as last mile vehicles that can travel short distance between your home or short destinations.

What is a unicycle?

A unicycle is a type of vehicle which runs on one wheel, it’s like a bicycle that has a pedal-driven direct drive and a frame with a saddle. Unicycles are mostly known in circuses, street performers and festivals. Self-balance is also a key part for this vehicle.

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What is an electric unicycle?

An electric unicycle is the similar to a tradition unicycle that is a self-balancing personal transporter with a single wheel but it runs on electricity for acceleration instead of using pedals like the traditional. Many people considers an electric unicycle as an alternative for short distance transportation.

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How does it work?

An electric unicycle is powered by electricity propelled by an electric motor rather than pedaling like the traditional unicycle. Controlling an electric unicycle comes with the principle of leaning , if you want to move forward then you can just slightly lean forward and for backwards, you slightly lean backwards. To prevent an electric unicycle form losing balance, it adjusts the motor to the inclination so that the user can still be in an upright position. When braking, the tilt back effect applies when you reach maximum speed and want to prevent further acceleration or by simply braking. The fun fact is that most electric unicycles regains energy when braking .

Why start using an electric unicycle? Why and why?

It is economical and Eco-friendly

This is a good feature about electric transportation, electric unicycle are powered by electricity (obviously) equipped with a battery. Although it is non-polluting, it is also cheaper.
You can just charged up your electric unicycle and it’s good to go instead of buying those expensive gas for your cars or paying fares on public transportation. A full charged electric unicycle can run up to 30 miles on average so if you run the numbers, you can actually save money.

Where can you ride it? Does it need license?

Electric unicycles are equipped with a large wheel. You can drive it on any flat surface sidewalks, asphalt, paved surfaces, grass or even highways, if you want to.

There aren’t a lot of laws for electric unicycles, you don’t actually need a license for that (yet)in US but some places requires you to register, apply for insurance, pay taxes and license for that. Mostly, they treat it as the same as bicycle.

How much does it cost for buying one and maintenance?

An electric unicycle ranges from $200 to almost $2000. It is quite actually reasonable in the long run. It has low maintenance and you will only spend a dollar on average to a fully charged battery.

Why should you buy it?

It is practically cheap and reasonable and you should be able find the right electric unicycle within your budget.
It is very efficient and convenient. Charged it up and off you go!
It’s greener this way!
It makes you cooler!

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