Cross-Domain Design? An Off-Road Electric Cargo Bike!

Electric cargo bikes have become a standard tool for delivery riders in Europe and the United States, much like China’s three-wheeled delivery bikes. They are lightweight, versatile, and can navigate streets and neighborhoods, reaching customers’ doorsteps. This not only increases efficiency but also enhances service quality, all while being environmentally friendly. Electric cargo bikes have been thriving in the European and American commercial logistics sector.

As professional delivery tools, the products in the market naturally cater to practical needs. Delivery bikes must be able to carry goods, run fast, and cover long distances. Therefore, companies have put a lot of effort into improving range and capacity.

However, some designers like to think outside the box. The Fiil F3, designed by German designer Herman Offa, adds off-road capabilities to a vehicle that was originally intended for city deliveries. It breaks new ground in expanding delivery services by conquering rough terrains.

The Fiil F3 is a three-wheeled design with a two-wheel front configuration. Its exterior design exudes a sense of technology. While not minimalist, its squat appearance is quite endearing. The cargo box is removable, but who would have thought that a delivery vehicle could also handle mountain biking with ease?

This is all thanks to the F3’s front axle tilting system, which makes it more agile than other electric cargo bikes. It tilts more during turns, with a turning radius of only three meters.

This means that even on narrow roads, the F3 can perform maneuvers like U-turns and sharp turns with ease, excelling in navigating complex curved roads.

Delivery is a profession that keeps you on the road, so power and range are essential. The F3 is equipped with a rear-wheel hub motor, reaching speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour, with a peak power output of 1200 watts and a whopping 250 Nm of torque. It also features regenerative energy recovery, emphasizing maximum efficiency.

According to Fiil e-motion, the vehicle has a range of 50 kilometers on a single battery. However, you can add an extra battery. If the battery is depleted during a delivery, fast charging is possible, taking just one hour to fully charge without affecting work efficiency. Under normal circumstances, charging takes around four hours.

As a delivery vehicle, its professional qualities are excellent. The F3’s tilting steering system ensures that the cargo box and the items inside remain level at all times. This means that regardless of the terrain, goods are only affected by gravity, preventing them from shifting and ensuring a secure delivery—a resolute design for a mission accomplished.

Each tire can carry a load of up to 150 kilograms, making it easy to travel on various road surfaces, even with heavy loads.

Of course, different types of cargo have different space requirements. Fiil e-motion has meticulously divided the vehicle’s functions according to market demand. According to the company’s website, the F3 will be available in three versions: the F3 Open with a low side cargo area, the F3 Cargo with a covered cargo box, and the F3 Kiddy for transporting children. The latter two models have a length of 270 centimeters, while the open flatbed version is only 210 centimeters long.

This model is primarily designed for commercial logistics but can also make life more convenient for home use, even though it comes with a relatively high cost.

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