A Must-Have for Urban Commuters! Siggi, the Electric Folding Bike, Weighing Only 13 Kilograms

With the expansion of the electric bike market and technological advancements, manufacturers have introduced various bicycles with different configurations, features, and functions to meet diverse needs. In the urban commuting category, people seek a combination of lightweight and performance, making electric folding bikes immensely popular for their perfect fusion of these two attributes.

Characteristics like lightweight, portability, and compactness are key reasons for the widespread use of folding electric bikes. The folding experience is also a crucial criterion for consumers when evaluating products. To simplify the folding process, many manufacturers, such as the previously mentioned Alfreda reverse trike electric bike with one-second rapid folding, focus on streamlining folding steps. This time, Danish bicycle manufacturer Coh&Co has launched Siggi, a one-second folding electric commuter bike. Although both bikes feature one-second folding, their folding structures are quite different, catering to different usage scenarios.

Siggi boasts a minimalist design. Despite its compact appearance, the foldable aluminum handlebar has an adjustable range, allowing riders to customize the position based on their body size for a more comfortable riding experience.

Equipped with front and rear shock absorbers, Siggi can mitigate bumps during rides. The frame is made of a proprietary sturdy composite material, ensuring durability and full recyclability.

The rear component of the bicycle can also serve as a parking stand. Simply lift the bike with both hands and place the rear frame underneath to complete the folding process.

The flip stand even comes with wheels, making it easy to move after folding.

Siggi, the electric folding bike, weighs only 13 kilograms, while the non-electric version weighs 10 kilograms. It can be easily carried when riding is not possible. However, this is only for temporary storage or carrying up and down stairs. The top tube of the frame can serve as a handle, facilitating easy lifting.

If it needs to be placed in small spaces like a car, the handlebar or seat needs to be folded or removed.

Siggi offers various riding configurations, meeting the demands for electric power assistance and restoring the bike’s original joy of riding.

Siggi can be configured as a single-speed PAS (Pedal Assist System) electric bike. If you need a vehicle that can handle different terrains and adapt to various riding environments, it can also be configured as a four-speed model.

For those who prefer non-electric bikes, there is an option to order the Shimano Alfine 11-speed gearset.

Siggi’s electric assist system is a collaboration with the Italian manufacturer Zehus Motors. The motor and battery system are integrated into the rear hub of the bicycle. This system ensures a continuous, smooth-assist experience when pedaling forward and can recover pedaling energy to charge the battery.

Siggi’s folding electric bike is currently available for purchase on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The non-electric version is priced at $1794, and the version equipped with electric components is priced at $2669. Global shipping is expected to commence in January 2024.

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