Extending Battery Life and Enhancing Charging Safety – Is It Possible?

Electric vehicle charging often encounters uncertainties and safety concerns. How can we effectively monitor the charging process? How can we customize charging levels to prolong battery life? How can we enhance charging safety, prevent overcharging, and save energy? These are questions that many electric vehicle users are concerned about.

Today, we have received PIDZOOM’s Charger Enhancer CE140, designed to address the aforementioned issues.


The CE140 is an independent device designed to boost the performance of standard chargers. Acting as a ‘firewall’ between the charger and the electric vehicle, the CE140 offers a range of features to address users’ doubts and challenges during the charging process.

Key Features:

Effortless Charging Monitoring: The CE140 provides clear displays of all charging information, eliminating the reliance on the original charger’s single red light. Additionally, it assesses effective battery capacity, offering users insights into battery health and its degradation over time.

Customized Charging Limits: Users can customize charging levels through the CE140, whether it’s for partial charging to extend battery life or for long-term storage. It is recommended to perform regular full charges every month or every 10-20 charging cycles for optimal battery balance.

Enhanced Safety Features: The CE140 adds an extra layer of safety through its automatic power cutoff feature. Once the battery reaches full charge or a preset partial charging level, it actively disconnects the power source, preventing overcharging and saving energy. In the face of charger malfunctions, incorrect settings, or unexpected grid events, the CE140 acts as a one-time insurance, providing automated protection for your vehicle and peace of mind.

Superior Battery Management: The CE140 allows users to customize charging levels and overcurrent protection limits, facilitating healthy long-term storage, battery pack balance, and the extension of expensive lithium battery life.

Unmatched Compatibility: Compatible with DC 30-140V, the CE140 ensures seamless integration with various chargers, offering multi-functional choices for electric vehicle owners.

Convenient Portable Companion: Supporting up to 30A current and 4200W continuous charging power, the CE140 easily handles the needs of most electric vehicle ‘fast chargers.’ Despite its powerful functionality, the compact design of the CE140 allows for easy placement in a backpack, attachment to a charger, or positioning in any location of your choice without the need for complex integration or internet connectivity.


Clear charging monitoring and information display. Customizable control of charging levels for battery health. Enhanced safety features to prevent overcharging and malfunctions. Unmatched compatibility for various electric vehicle charging scenarios. Compact yet powerful design for portability and ease of use.


Requires an adapter connection, which may be slightly cumbersome. Relatively high price may limit purchase desire for some users.


The CE140 is a trendsetting product in the electric vehicle charging field, offering users a comprehensive solution with its advanced monitoring, personalized control, and safety-enhancing features. Although it comes with a higher price tag and requires an adapter connection, its functionality and portability advantages make it an ideal choice for electric vehicle users seeking efficiency, safety, and more control over their charging.

If you are interested in this product, you can visit the official website via the link below for more details: Official Website: https://pidzoom.com/

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