Archive: June 19th, 2015
My first time on an electric unicycle

I never imagined i will have a unicycle because it seems difficult to ride for me . Until I met wheelive. I brought an balancing electric unicycle from ...

Eicher Motors unveils diesel pick-up that doubles as a generator

India’s Eicher Motors is launching a cheap diesel-powered pick-up truck aimed at small-business owners that doubles as a miniature power station, capable of ...

Airwheel Unveils Its First Sit-and-Drive Electric Self-Balancing Scooter A3

All eyes in the electric self-Balancing scooter world are on Airwheel as it plans to unveil its latest creation -- the first sit-drive self-balancing scooter ...

What exactly is an electric self-balancing unicycle?

It has one wheel. It has an electric motor. It has built-in sensors that determine whether it is leaning backward or forward along the disk-plane of the ...

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