My first time on an electric unicycle

I never imagined i will have a unicycle because it seems difficult to ride for me . Until I met wheelive.


I brought an balancing electric unicycle from wheelive. after 3 days the item arrived at my house swaddled in styrofoam. I hauled it out, marveling at the sheer solidity and weight of the thing. This isn’t a toy. This is a serious vehicle. I watched an introductory video how to riding it from wheelive. Then,I wearing my bike helmet begin to play it with my friend.
I walked the unicycle around to get used to leaning forward to accelerate and leaning back to stop. Then, I pulled my feet up and tried to ride. I fell over to the side. I fell over again, having scooted forward only a few inches. I fell over many, many times, always catching myself easily with my feet. I practiced it with my friends for an afternoon.Although our calf were bruising,but we enjoy it.I thought,electric unicycle is deserve to have!

The self-balancing is forward-to-back, not side-to-side. It will help you out, but you still need to develop some skill. Now I could go forward, feet off the ground, and not fall over. I can easy to control it and went farther and farther.

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