TESLA’s CEO Elon Musk Encourages The Workers To Increase The EV Production

TESLA‘s CEO states the the company needs to double up the production

Elon Musk recently stated that increasing the EV production is a must to achieve high profitability. As years passes by, the demand for electric cars increases and in order to suffice that demand, TESLA will need to increase its production.

Photo by Jannis Lucas on Unsplash

One of the goals of TESLA is to reach the target of 500,000 cars produced and sold in the year 2020. TESLA is required to produce 170,020 electric cars and delivers 181,020 by the end of the year. They may have a chance to achieve this feat because of the demand problems. On China, their are 20,000 sales per month meaning that it is indeed possible.

Many feared that due to the fast pace of production, it may affect the qualities.

TESLA’s is indeed on the right spot having the demand because this is also a key part to their expansion.

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Cedric Brian Regis

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