Tesla delivered 180,000 cars in the last quarter of 2021

Tesla delivered 180,000 cars in the last quarter of 2021 but barely missed the goal of 500,000 cars in 2020

For the last couple of weeks, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants the company to achieve the historic milestone of 500,000 cars built and delivered in 2020 and it is the goal for 5 years.

For that to be possible, the company needed to produce around 170,000 vehicles and deliver around 181,000 vehicles in the last quarter but they fell short. Tesla released its production and delivery numbers for last quarter of 2020 and confirmed 179,757 vehicles produced and 180.570 vehicles delivered.

But it is still a new record for the company. They fell 450 short for delivery in order to achieve the ultimate goal for 2020.

It is still a big achievement for Tesla,

On the production side, Tesla accomplished a 24% increase quarter-to-quarter and 71% eincrease year-over-year. On the delivery side, Tesla accomplished a 30% increase quarter-to-quarter and 61% increase year-over-year.

This is a big jump to the company and to the electric vehicle mindset itself. Despite the global pandemic, Tesla manage to excel.

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Cedric Brian Regis

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