Renewable energy will be the leading source of US electricity

Renewable energy will be the leading source of US electricity by 2030

According to the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook 2021, renewable energy will surpass natural gas to be the predominant source of electricity in the US by 2030.

The EIA also predicted that the share of renewables in the US electricity will increase from 21% in 2020 to 42% in 2050, this is due to regulatory and market factors. As per the EIA, wind and solar power will be a big factor for that growth.

They predicted that all solar electric generation will surpass wind electric generation by 2040 as the largest source of power in the US. However, wind will lead renewable growth through 2024, accounting for two-thirds of the increase in that period.

Fossil fuel is anticipated to remain relatively constant, at about one-third of total generation from 2020 to 2050, and nuclear and coal are projected to decrease.

The EIA has made its renewable and natural gas predictions based on renewable energy technology costs and natural gas prices.

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