After all, the Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric SUV is not coming to the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric SUV Is Not Coming to U.S. after All

Originally, in early 2020, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric SUV was slated to land in U.S. showrooms. The German car manufacturer then postponed the introduction of the car to the U.S. market by one year, with a revised launch planned in early 2021. Currently, according to a study by Autoblog, because of “not be offered in the United States for now” Mercedes has agreed the EQC would “market developments.”

The Mercedes-Benz EQC400 4Matic mid-size electric SUV is intended to compete with the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, and Tesla Model X. As early as 2019, the specifications and price of the car, starting at $68,895, were revealed for the U.S. market, offering the luxury experience consumers expect in an EV kit from the company.

The new 2022 EQS electric sedan was also the first electric Mercedes expected to reach the U.S. market due to the initial delay of the 2021 EQC. It will be released this spring and will arrive this summer at U.S. dealerships.

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