The ‘Capacity King’ in Everyday Bicycles

In the European and American markets, cargo bicycles have gained wide application as excellent alternatives to cars in commercial sectors. They have also given rise to various cargo bicycles for personal and household use. These bicycles can generally be categorized into box-style cargo bicycles and lightweight cargo bicycles. The latter, which are widely used beyond commercial settings, often come with modular add-ons to increase cargo capacity. Due to their lightweight and personalized design, they have gained significant popularity in the market.

Most lightweight cargo bicycles share a resemblance with electric bicycles in appearance. They feature added storage space at the front and rear of the bicycle, which can be customized modularly. This allows for the addition of storage bags, baskets, and specially designed seats. These bikes combine the lightweight nature of bicycles with the cargo-carrying capacity of cargo vehicles. They are highly practical, especially for commuters who occasionally need to carry a substantial amount of shopping items. To increase loading capacity, many manufacturers have focused on developing various accessories, such as storage bags and multi-passenger seats. However, a cargo bicycle brand named Ca Go from Koblenz, Germany, took a different approach by directly altering the bicycle frame. They added a storage space between the seat and the front of the bicycle, breaking away from conventional designs, thus creating the Ca Go CS model.

Triple Loading Space

The Ca Go CS boasts a triple loading space – the front, middle, and rear cargo areas. This unique design maximizes the space under the frame, aligning the bottom with the electric motor for improved balance and maneuverability. The maximum load capacity for the middle part is 30 kilograms. The front carrier can bear 18 kilograms and features side supports for securing loads. It can also accommodate compatible bags and baskets. Similarly, the rear carrier can bear up to 27 kilograms and can be equipped with storage bags or baskets.

The total transport capacity for each trip reaches up to 75 kilograms, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of the bicycle is 180 kilograms. As a versatile urban model, it combines the practicality of cargo bicycles with the compact design of traditional bicycles. With its large storage space, it can meet various daily needs, such as grocery shopping, transporting goods, and even ferrying children. For individual commuting, it can serve as a complete alternative to cars.

Practicality + Compact Design

In terms of size, the Ca Go CS is slightly larger than typical urban electric bicycles. Its length increases by about 20 to 25 centimeters, and its weight is slightly higher. Without cargo and equipped with only one battery, the bicycle weighs around 35 kilograms. The Ca Go CS features an aluminum frame designed for general use, suitable for people between 1.65 and 2 meters in height. The distance between the seat and the handlebar has been increased significantly, providing taller riders with more legroom. The design also takes into account upper body length. Although the Ca Go CS is larger than box-style cargo bicycles, it is still more compact, suitable for a wider range of scenarios. Its cargo capacity does not necessarily lag behind that of medium to large-sized vehicles.

Strong Performance

The Ca Go CS is equipped with a Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor, which offers powerful traction. It provides 85 Nm of torque and 400% pedal assist, reaching a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The motor is paired with the Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt, an Enviolo continuously variable rear hub, and an automatic mode. The bicycle features a special cargo mode that stabilizes the vehicle on slopes to prevent it from rolling backward.

This cargo electric bicycle uses 20-inch wheels and puncture-resistant Schwalbe Pick-Up Cargobike tires. It also comes with a Suntour suspension fork, which helps smooth out uneven terrains. Braking power is provided by Magura hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm rotors. The bicycle is equipped with an ABUS lock and full fenders.

The CS series includes three models: CS200, CS150, and CS100. The primary product is the CS200, which is priced at 6490 euros. Only the CS200 model comes with an LED remote control and a Kiox 300 display. The CS200’s motor is paired with a detachable 545 Wh PowerPack, and an upgrade to a 725 Wh battery is available, which also increases the range accordingly.

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