Powerful Off-Road Experience! Yamaha Unveils Two Performance-Enhanced Concept Electric Bikes

Renowned for its musical instruments, Japan’s Yamaha has made remarkable strides in the realm of electric mobility. Not only has it ventured into the electric motorcycle industry, but it also introduced the first crank-driven electric bike, PAS, back in 1993. Over the years, Yamaha has maintained a leading position in developing lightweight electric assist bicycles and compact electric drive units, producing approximately 7 million bikes in 30 years.

Ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Yamaha announced the launch of two new electric-assist bicycles: the Y-01W AWD and the Y-00Z MTB, aiming to cater to different types of riders and their preferences.

The Y-01W AWD boasts all-wheel drive capabilities with a unique dual-motor design. The central motor integrates with the crank and connects through a motor housed within the front wheel hub, controlled by intelligent devices that automatically adjust torque distribution between the front and rear wheels based on terrain and riding modes.

Equipped with dual batteries, the dual motors on the Y-01W AWD contribute to increased power, albeit resulting in a relatively heavier overall weight. Its exterior design suits riding on gravel or rugged terrain, featuring four small headlights on the suspension fork, and the frame can accommodate extra-wide tires. The Y-01W AWD reportedly holds a 500Wh battery capacity, offering a range of up to 100km.

On the other hand, the Y-00Z MTB is an electric mountain bike equipped with Yamaha’s latest PW-X3 electric drive unit, capable of delivering a maximum output torque of 110Nm.

Yamaha has equipped the Y-00Z MTB with an Electric Power Steering (EPS) system featuring a magnetostrictive torque sensor, optimizing control and providing enhanced stability during rides. This type of system is typically seen in the brand’s off-road motorcycles, now transitioned from motorcycles to electric bikes.

Placed within the frame triangle between the down tube and seat tube, the mid-mounted motor of this bike sits just above the crankset. It offers five different riding modes: Eco, Standard, High, EXPW, and Auto. EXPW mode offers additional power support during climbs or acceleration, while Auto mode automatically selects the optimal riding mode based on pedal torque and speed. The Y-00Z MTB boasts a 630Wh battery capacity, offering a range of up to 120km.

Presently, the vehicles are only available as concept models, and the specifications and technology of the production models may not be entirely identical. Nevertheless, they are still highly anticipated.

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