The Second BACKFIRE National Electric Skateboarding Master Invitation Tournament Successfully Concludes

Electric skateboarding is a trendy and exhilarating sport that has gained popularity among many young enthusiasts. Unlike traditional skateboarding, which requires foot-pushing for propulsion, electric skateboards are controlled by a remote, allowing speed and braking without physical exertion. This freedom from manual labor offers diverse playing styles, showcasing a cooler, more versatile approach. Due to its convenience, many individuals have even adopted electric skateboards as their daily commuting tool, broadening its application in various scenarios.

With its increasing influence, electric skateboarding, as a novel means of transportation, has entered the realm of competitive sports. The second edition of the BACKFIRE National Electric Skateboarding Master Invitation Tournament, held at the Zhangmutou Karting Circuit in Dongguan, concluded successfully on November 4th. This event gathered outstanding electric skateboarders from across China to compete on the karting track, presenting a spectacular and vibrant competition that showcased the allure of electric skateboarding to a wider audience.

The substantial user base is a key factor facilitating electric skateboard events. However, the operation of electric skateboards primarily relies on balance control, unlike electric scooters equipped with handles. Consequently, technical proficiency is a prerequisite for participants in high-speed races, resulting in the invitation of professional skateboard players for this tournament.

The competition featured separate categories for male and female participants, proceeding from qualifiers to the finals. Three contestants from Dongguan, Foshan, and Chengdu respectively entered the finals. The intense race track set the atmosphere abuzz with excitement, as participants challenged themselves and raced toward the ultimate finish line.

Ultimately, the competition was won by Qing Yunhui from Chengdu, who managed to secure victory despite a starting mishap.

The captivating event was enhanced by the use of specialized raceboards. The event provided the BACKFIRE’s top-of-the-line street longboard, ZealotX, equipped with high-performance Samsung 50S batteries boasting a capacity of 504Wh. With an 80kg rider, it achieves a range of 50km and hosts a high-powered 3000W belt-driven permanent magnet motor.

To ensure an electrifying competition, the electric skateboards used in this event underwent certain modifications. They were fitted with 90mm eccentric polyurethane wheels, providing a lower, more stable center of gravity ideal for the race track. The remote control utilized the R5 non-color screen remote with a finger ring, offering a secure grip during intense competitions. It featured only a single high-power gear, eliminating the risk of accidental gear shifts during low-level racing.

However, these modifications were solely for the purpose of the competition. After the event, all competition boards were refitted with 96mm wheels, equipped with BACKFIRE’s color screen remote, and programmed with production version software, before being offered for sale at half-price.

Following intense competition, the second BACKFIRE National Electric Skateboarding Master Invitation Tournament concluded successfully, marking the starting point for all skateboarding enthusiasts. In the ambiance of a light sporting culture, electric skateboarding has become a medium for a new form of social interaction. Enjoying a liberating skateboard journey in the bustling streets is not just a lifestyle or a sport—it’s a passion!

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