what we should pay attention to riding the balancing electric unicycle

a lot of people like riding self balancing unicycle now,because it is easy to control, and convenience to our life.but there are still we should pay attention to riding the unicycle to keep you safely and comfortably.
1.never let the children under the age of 12 alone on the road to play.

2.don’t forget wearing leg guards. When starting to learn it, the friction from the unicycle will hurt your legs. Wearing leg guards can protect your legs from hurt or scratch.

3.don’t ride the electric unicycle on the road covered with sand. It will be easy to wrestling, the spacious flat place is your top choice to practice.

4.don’t speed competition with car. sometimes maybe you will curious about the unicycle how fast it can be,then try to speed competition with car,remember,don’t try that ever,it’s very danger!think about it,if you have an accident, the people who care about you how much they will worry about.

5.don’t riding it on a rainy day. The rain or water can affect the performance of the unicycle. In order to make full use of the unicycle, you should not use it on a rainy day.

6.don’t ride self balancing unicycle too fast. On the road, there may be a car or a cat suddenly out of the road, causing traffic accidents.

7.don’t ride the unicycle on the road after drunk,we should obey traffic rules. Drunk driving can make you unconsciously speed up, which may easily cause accidents and hurt you!

8.don’t be complacent. A person who are self-righteous thinks that he needs no guidance and practice, and goes to ride on road directly, resulting in personal injury and unicycle damages.

In short, Keeping those notes in mind allows you to have a smooth and safe riding.

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