Focus Design’s SBU self-balancing unicycle

And here you were thinking Focus Design had thrown in the towel after producing just one self-balancing unicycle. Silly you, huh? Nearly two years to the day after the aforesaid company cranked out the goofiest transporter since the Segway, along comes the SBU v2.0 to rekindle our hope in humanity. According to the outfit, this newfangled edition is sleeker, safer and more powerful, and better still, it should be “much easier to learn.” Focus is also tossing out a somewhat ambiguous guarantee, noting that it’ll most certainly be “an instant crowd-pleaser.” The newly designed motor packs 1,000 watts of power (compared to 350 watts on v1.0), and the more powerful battery will keep you cruising on Ventura Boulevard for at least a few more minutes than before. Control freaks will appreciate the addition of three gyro sensors (to monitor pitch, roll and yaw), lowered foot pegs and a regenerative braking system. This marvel of modern engineering is expected to start shipping next month, with just $1,499 and a willingness to try something your mother wouldn’t recommend standing between you and… well, something that your mother would never recommend. Vid’s after the break.

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