Weelin folding bike docks in your coat rack, shakes into shape

The available rack stores the Weelin bike neatly with coats, hats and other items

With the folding bike market so saturated with small, innovative designs, sometimes a manufacturer has to get creative to make its folder stand out. French company Isocycle makes its Weelin bike pop with an accompanying coat rack that doubles as a bike stand. The compact bike also offers a smooth transport-to-ride transition, quickly shaking and snapping into bike form.

“Don’t bring that bike in the house!!” It’s an exclamation that many of us can replay in crisp, authentic mother’s-voice audio. But you can assure mom that the Weelin can come in the house. In fact, “the bike you take home” is made to do just that. The optionally available stainless steel coat rack includes a bike holder sized to fit the folded Weelin like a glove.

The rack may not be necessary or optimal in a house with plenty of garage or shed space, but it could definitely come in handy in a small apartment or condo with limited storage. Throw the coat rack next to the door and you have an attractive furniture piece for storing your bike, hats and coats. It even has a removable mirror and a small tray for holding keys and other small items.

In folded form, the Weelin is carried via the handle cut out of the seat post. The rider simply shakes the bike to free the hinged fork and rear wheel. Then it’s just a matter of folding out the stem, seat post and handlebars and locking them with the oversized quick-release levers. It takes a mere 7 seconds in the promo video, which we’ve included below.

Isocycle makes clear that the Weelin is still under development, so its final specs may look a bit different from what’s currently listed on its website. As of now, the 27.5-lb (12.5-kg) bike features an injected magnesium frame and 20-in five-spoke composite wheels. It has a fully enclosed chain, one to five gears, removable lights, elastomer rear suspension, disc brakes and mud guards.

Isocycle has been working on the Weelin design for three years and originally planned to bring the bike to market last year. The bike is not yet ready, and Isocycle told us that it is not currently specifying an updated availability date. It is offering the bike and rack for pre-order on its website for about 10 percent down on the estimated €1,500 (US$1,675) bike and €400 ($450) coat rack prices. It says the money is refundable at any time during the pre-order period, but with no definition of that period and no estimated delivery date, that seems like money better kept in your pocket.

Source: Weelin

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