As the ordinary unicycle ,the principle of self-balancing unicycle can keep not falling down is almost as the same as the ordinary one. However,there ‘s also difference . The self-balancing unicycle is more complicated and advanced .

The principle of self-balancing unicycle not falling down :on the one hand is that we can adjust the center of gravity,adjust the direction of the self-balancing unicycle.On the other hand ,high-speed rotating wheel with larger angular momentum,angular momentum can resist external torque,just like the peg-top.In physics ,this phenonmenon is called procession.

On this basis ,the self-balancing unicycle was further improved ,driven by motor ,using the gyroscope and the drive circuit to keep not falling down.You can start it by forward leaning your body.The speed is controlled by the tilt of your body.If you wanna accelerate , forward lean your body .If you wanna decelerate , just hypsokinesis.



The most astonishing is keeping self balancing and this is the key operration.In order to understanding the principle of this system,we ‘d better think about making a model to this equipment–human body.

If you stand up ,try to lean forward may make you lose your equilibrium but you may not tumbling.Your brain knows you’ve lost the equilibrium,as the liquid of your inner ear has removed .Thereforce , it urges you step forward in case of you falling down.If your body keep leaning forward ,your brain will keep you step forward and keep you stand straight.In the consequence,you aren’t falling down but step forward step by step .

The self-balancing unicycle usually use these two principle :Inverted Pendulum system and Gyroscope principle .The inverted pendulum system make the unicycle go forward and retreat.The Gyroscope principle is to keep the dynamic stability.these two systems coordinate mutually to keep the unicycle stable.

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