Father thrown into the air by faulty hoverboard is left with AMNESIA and no memory of Chrismas

A father who who hit his head in an accident after being thrown to the ground by a faulty hoverboard has been left with amnesia.

Mark Tamlin, of Chessington, Surrey, ordered the gadget to give to his oldest son for Christmas – but was dismayed when it didn’t work.

The 39-year-old says the online company he bought it from sent him a video tutorial to fix it, and he managed to get it working.

But when his son 12-year-old son Owen said it was still faulty, he decided to try the device himself.

Moments after jumping on, he was thrown into the air before hitting his head hard on the ground.

Upon waking, he found himself in a hospital bed, unable to remember Christmas with his family.

Mark Tamlin has been left with amnesia and unable to remember Christmas after being thrown to the ground by a faulty hoverboard he bought as a gift for his son

Mr Tamlin woke up in hospital after the accident. Describing what happened, he said: 'My sons told me that it started vibrating really fast, then it threw me up in the air and I hit the back of my head on the ground’

Mr Tamlin, a civil engineer, said: ‘When I was thrown off it, both my sons were apparently screaming and crying. They were terrified.’

He added: ‘It’s lucky I was on it and not one of my sons – one of them could have been seriously hurt. ‘

The gadget, a two-wheeled toy, became the ‘must have’ present of this year after celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba and Qiz Khalifa were been seen riding it.



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