Manual Transmission Cars Are Dying But Some Still Prefer Driving With Sticks

Manual cars a dying breed but many drivers would still prefer manual transmissions

Have you ever watched the Fast & Furious movies? It’s pretty awesome and satisfying when they are gear shifting, right? Some manual car lovers says that you aren’t really driving a car unless you are in a stick shift.

There are a lot of reasons why manual cars are better than automatic:

  • Because anyone can drive an automatic
  • You have full control
  • Driving is more engaging
  • Less expensive
  • Less maintenance
  • Easier engine mods
  • It is less likely to be stolen

But times has changed, manual cars are likely to go down because automatic cars are rising in the market. New generation drivers would pick automatic because it is simply easy to use meaning no shifting gears and timing of the clutch. In automatic, you just accelerate and drive but purist really don’t go with that.

There are a lot of factors why manual cars are dying

Modern automatic cars has a lot of features that makes driving more safer and efficient. These cars has an active assistance and monitoring features that will help you with a lot of things while driving. Statistics shows that manual cars caused more stress to drivers leading to errors on driving.

Driving manual cars is not as comfortable for other drivers. Most vehicles with automatic transmissions can provide more comfort than ones with manual transmission because of advance features.

No clutch means no stress, you don’t have to focus on clutching whenever you want to turn, overtake or speed up. Second, automatic driving is much safer and more comfortable when in heavy congestion. Third, everything is just much easier to use, from gear changes to checking out the gauges. The third one only applies when you set up the things the correct way. Constantly working the clutch can become uncomfortable as your left foot never gets a rest, especially if you drive in congested areas.

Buying a manual transmission has become expensive. Vehicle companies are slowly ditching manual transmissions to make way and manufacture for new automatic lineups, supply for manual transmission vehicles has decreased.

Some people prefer automatic because it is more efficient

People will always choose efficiency over anything and as time passes by, modern cars are getting efficient as it goes. Automatics relies on less gas compared to manual cars making it a big factor.

In the past, it was nearly a given that vehicles with manual transmissions had better fuel economy than the same cars with automatic. But as automatic transmissions gain more gears and become more advanced, they are getting comparable, if not higher, fuel mileage.

Will manual cars go extinct?

Electric cars are rising in the market plus the addition of automatic cars advancement, it is expected that manual cars production will drop a huge percentage in the coming years.

But, I doubt it will go extinct. Maybe it will decrease but it will still be manufactured because there are a lot of purist or manual car lovers out there.

The important thing is to choose what you feel most comfortable with because an automatic car might be the best option to someone who does a lot of urban driving. It’s also a good option for people with a disability or limited mobility.

If you travel longer distances and see driving as more than just getting from A to B, a manual car might be the way to go for a more enjoyable drive.

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Cedric Brian Regis

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