Peugeot Launched eC01 Crossover Electric Bicycle

The new electric bike model, branded as the Peugeot eC01 Crossover, has just been introduced by Peugeot. Lately, with half a dozen hybrid type models released late last year, the firm has made remarkable strides in the electric bicycle market. Now, the Peugeot eC01 Crossover introduces a new step-through frame driven by Bosch to the list.

The bike has a classic upright seating position, built and assembled in France, to give riders a lofty point of view of the path ahead. The Schwalbe Hurricane tires, 57 mm (2.25′′) high, help the bike clear obstacles better than the small tires usually used on dedicated urban-only e-bikes.

A Bosch Output CX mid-drive motor coupled with a removable 500 Wh battery concealed within the frame is available on the Peugeot eC01 Crossover. The business argues that if used at the lowest assist level, the battery is adequate for up to 120 km (75 mi) of range.

The mid-drive motor is rated at 63 Nm of torque, and a 10-speed Shimano Deore transmission was matched by Peugeot to ensure that riders have a wide range of gears to apply the torque to the ground on different slopes.

Source- Electrek

Video by: hirudov

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