Pro.Zui: Lightweight Retro Motorcycle with Vintage Craftsmanship

The resurgence of retro design has brought a new wave to micro mobility. In the realm of off-road vehicles, the combination of retro aesthetics and off-road motorcycle styling has garnered widespread popularity in the off-road market. For instance, the off-road e-bike Super73 showcases retro-inspired design elements. Similarly, in the urban vehicle category, designers have integrated retro elements. Ognjen Docic, a designer from Serbia, has introduced a concept design for an urban retro electric vehicle.

At a glance, it appears more like a lightweight electric motorcycle, with its all-metal panels accentuating the vintage elements. The circular headlight, elongated saddle, and exposed cables offer an unexpectedly minimalist appeal.

The side of the vehicle features orderly drilled holes arranged diagonally, adding a sense of design to the otherwise plain metal panels. These holes aren’t just for decoration; they house several restrainers and ropes, allowing riders to suspend items on the side of the vehicle for easy carrying during rides. However, practicality should also consider the possibility of items falling due to bumps or being susceptible to contact with other vehicles. The space beneath the seat can be used for storage, though the exact size is yet to be determined as the engine also needs to be installed.

Regarding performance, according to the designer’s description, the pro.zui boasts a range of up to 120 kilometers. This range is sufficient for daily commuting users, as the vehicle is designed.

The length of the seat can accommodate two people. Ognjen Docic deviates from the common cylindrical and smooth-edged seats found in motorcycles. Instead, the seat is extensively connected to the base, and the foot platform is spacious, ensuring a comfortable riding experience. A stand under the vehicle supports it when parked upright. The wheels are made of puncture-resistant material, suitable for various terrains.

Docic states, ‘Pro.Zui aims to embody the essence of an ideal urban mobility device. Its design strikes a balance between the aesthetics of a lightweight motorcycle, a scooter, and an electric motorcycle, offering practical amenities for daily commuters exploring the city. For beginners, the ergonomic design of the scooter provides a comfortable riding posture.’

The turn signals are integrated with a minimalist edge design. An LED brake light strip is located beneath the seat, and a front light is installed at the front. The bronze-colored wheel hubs contrast sharply with the dark frame and eye-catching silver elements. Overall, this vehicle showcases a unique sense of beauty in its exterior design. However, the performance and production timeline are yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, it is hoped that Pro.Zui will inspire other projects.

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