SRAM Announces Recall of 12-Speed Road Shifters

Following Shimano’s global recall of Hollowtech 11-speed road cranksets, SRAM has announced a recall of aftermarket 12-Speed AXS Red, Force, Rival, and Apex shift/brake levers manufactured before July 1, 2023. SRAM specifies that this recall is currently limited to the North American region.

The reason cited by SRAM for the recall is that “excessive threadlocker (such as Loctite) was used on the lever clamp bolt, which may result in insufficient torque on the lever bolt, causing the shift/brake lever to move on the handlebar. If it moves during use, it could lead to loss of control and a fall.”

This recall only applies to unsold shift/brake levers, including Red, Force, Rival, and Apex models. It is uncertain whether the recall scope will be extended to products that have already been sold.

SRAM recommends that retailers conduct inventory checks and rework inventory products related to the problematic components. This involves rolling the hoods back to expose the existing lever clamp bolt and installing a replacement bolt. Users can obtain replacement kits for free through SRAM’s retailer support portal.

The recall includes all aftermarket 12-speed SRAM eTap AXS Red, Force, Rival, and Apex brake levers manufactured before July 1, 2023. The production date of the levers is located on the packaging barcode label. Products with a date of “WK 26 2023” or earlier should be quarantined for rework before being sold.

Below is the list provided by SRAM, including 46 part numbers affected by the recall.

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