Subverting Tradition! Shane Chen Introduces Two-Wheel Balancing Car Design, Redefining the Future of Transportation

If asked to imagine how humans will travel in the future, you might think of scenes from sci-fi movies—flying cars, aerial highways, hoverboard rides, all accompanied by various cool and futuristic designs.

Common tropes in sci-fi movies have made designs like these familiar to us. However, the conceptual car “Shane,” created by industrial designer Shane Chen, takes transportation in a direction you probably haven’t considered.

At first glance, Shane exudes a strong sense of the future. It replaces the traditional four-wheel structure with two oversized wheel discs, and its streamlined body design gives off a spaceship-like vibe.

While it still looks like a car from the outside, it completely subverts traditional car design. Shane is said to be the result of merging the concept of a balance scooter with that of a car, so even with only two wheels, it inherits the exceptional balance performance of two-wheeled vehicles.

The concept design of this car is even more extensive than what we could have imagined; it has enough space inside to accommodate five passengers comfortably.

Furthermore, the car door opening method aligns perfectly with our imaginations of future transportation. The roof of the cockpit can be opened entirely, creating a fully enclosed space when closed.

The vehicle also features basic storage functionality, including a trunk, and the trunk cover also opens automatically.

Certainly, future travel will be intelligent. Despite the absence of traditional components like a steering wheel, the vehicle is equipped with a central touchscreen that allows control of the entire car, making it highly intelligent!

However, Shane’s brilliance extends beyond its outstanding appearance; it’s the self-balancing technology it employs that truly sets this car apart.

Shane’s body can move forward and backward between the wheels. This means that when the wheels are in motion, Shane can counterbalance the forces of driving and braking through opposite movements, making the passenger experience even more comfortable.

Additionally, the wheels are equipped with independent suspension systems, allowing the cockpit to remain stable when encountering obstacles, reducing vibrations. Moreover, the vehicle will be equipped with regenerative shock absorbers inside the wheels, which charge the batteries during compression and rebound.

Shane controls speed and direction through differential speed, making parallel parking a breeze.

Shane Chen’s conceptual design has received widespread attention due to its unique design and innovative ideas. It has garnered high recognition and is considered the first two-wheeled electric concept car suitable for daily use.

Shane Chen is not only remarkably imaginative but also produces products with high production feasibility, including human-powered water wings, Hoverwheels, and other products, all of which have been successfully produced and warmly welcomed by enthusiasts in various fields. This anticipation adds to the excitement surrounding Shane’s debut!

As a brilliant designer in the field of micro-mobility, Shane Chen’s contributions are extraordinary. We have previously covered Shane Chen’s life story on the Onlywheel website. Interested readers can check out the article titled “Chen Xing: Our Mission Is to Create More Elements of Health and Happiness for People.”

As a renowned designer, Shane Chen has also created many famous works in the past, including the highly popular self-balancing scooter from a few years ago. Besides hoverboards, some of his most notable products include Solowheel, Orbitwheels, Powerwing, and Aquaskipper.

Shane is Shane Chen’s latest creation, and if it becomes a reality, car design will undoubtedly enter a new era in history!

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