Performance Upgrade! Specialized Launches Kenevo SL 2 with 33% Power Boost

Specialized recently unveiled the new Turbo Kenevo SL 2. Compared to the first-generation 2021 S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL, there aren’t significant aesthetic changes, but the latest model comes equipped with the brand’s newest SL 1.2 motor, reportedly boasting a 33% power increase over its predecessor.

The frame of the Specialized Kenevo SL 2 remains the same FACT 11m carbon composite material as the previous Kenevo SL. The top-tier S-Works model, in size S4, weighs 19.06 kilograms, akin to a large-sized bicycle. The e-bike features internal routing entering the frame from the side of the head tube, ensuring a clean exterior look.

Utilizing a six-bar Horst-link suspension system inspired by Specialized’s analog off-road vehicle, the Enduro’s frame platform, it retains the same suspension kinematics, 29-inch wheels, and 170mm travel (front/rear). This setup purportedly offers excellent impact management while preserving optimized pedaling characteristics.

Power Upgrade

The new model presents a substantial upgrade in both power and efficiency.

Firstly, the new Kenevo SL 2 is outfitted with Specialized’s proprietary SL 1.2 motor. This power output is 320 watts, identical to the power used in last year’s May release of the new Levo SL, and it’s integrated into an all-new frame.

The new model is equipped with the same 320Wh battery as the previous generation, but the Kenevo SL 2’s power has surged by 33% over its predecessor, with torque increased to 50 Nm, a 43% boost. Specialized claims the battery can run for up to 5 hours in Eco mode and can use a 160Wh range extender, allowing the total battery capacity to reach 480Wh, fitted in the water bottle position.

Specialized’s latest MasterMind Turbo control unit sits atop the top tube, displaying riding information like distance covered and battery percentage. The device also enables wireless updates for the bike through Specialized’s cycling app.

Compared to the previous generation, the Kenevo SL 2 achieves a lightweight and high-power upgrade. With a peak power of 320 watts and 50 Nm of torque, the Kenevo SL 2 re-establishes itself among the best lightweight electric bicycles in the market. The Kenevo SL 2 offers three models: the Comp priced at £6500, the Expert at £8500, and the top-tier S-Works model at £12500.




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