Accessory Upgrades—Which Bike Accessories Are Most Sought After by Consumers?

Many cyclists opt for bike upgrades after advancing their riding skills. So, which bike accessories do consumers prioritize? According to CYCLINGINDUSTRY.NEWS’ survey this year, the results are as follows:

Among the bike accessories mentioned, the transmission system undoubtedly takes the spotlight, accounting for 50% of user attention. The transmission system is the core of a bike’s operation. If we liken a bike to a person, the gear transmission system could be considered the bike’s cardiovascular system, responsible for propelling the bike forward. Within this system, the crank gearset plays a vital role in converting pedaling force into bike power. This component not only endures unimaginable pedaling force but also, being close to the ground, is susceptible to wear from mud or debris. Hence, regular maintenance of the crank gearset is crucial.

The bike’s transmission system includes the big chainring, crankset, chain, derailleur, etc. Each part has stringent and precise structural and mechanical requirements, making it a crucial system in bike design and development. Therefore, users are more cautious when choosing these components. Naturally, brands like Shimano and SRAM are more popular, with users opting for the latest products from these brands for upgrades.

Next in line are the wheelsets. Wheelsets are pivotal in influencing the riding experience, consisting mainly of three components: the rim, hub, and spokes. Variations in these three components contribute to different riding performances. The phrase ‘a good horse needs a good saddle’ in the cycling world roughly implies that a high-performance road bike requires an equally exceptional set of wheels.

Tubeless tires are also an important factor in consumer product purchases. Their advantages—durability, puncture resistance, and ease of replacement—have made them increasingly popular in the bike market, especially among off-road enthusiasts. Furthermore, tubeless tires continue to evolve, with companies like Pirelli launching road tires with a 24% increase in speed.

Components like saddles, brakes, seatposts, suspensions, grips, etc., receive less attention. At the bottom of the list are electric bike conversion kits. As electric bikes become more prevalent, the role of kits to convert regular bikes into electric ones is gradually diminishing. Additionally, these kits pose significant safety risks, having caused multiple fires in European countries, leading to their outright prohibition.

For cycling enthusiasts, enhancing a bike’s playability through accessory upgrades is common. Manufacturers arranging products based on user preferences and promptly supplying required accessories can indeed foster positive user experiences.

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