Domino’s Launches Specialized ‘Delivery Miracle’—The dxb Electric Bike

Domino’s Launches Specialized ‘Delivery Miracle’—The dxb Electric Bike

Apart from daily commuting and recreational exercise, the most common function of electric bikes is transportation. Particularly in today’s rapidly advancing era of online shopping, the application of electric bikes in the transportation industry, such as express delivery and food delivery, is becoming increasingly widespread. These electric bikes used for transportation are commonly known as cargo bikes. This category of bikes expands storage space in design, possessing cargo capacity comparable to that of four-wheeled vehicles while maintaining the agility of bikes on roads.

However, there are currently very few cargo vehicles specifically designed for transporting specific types of goods, especially in the field of instant food delivery. Unlike other delivery items, food, especially fast food, tends to lose its taste after prolonged transportation. To ensure that customers receiving deliveries can experience the fresh-out-of-the-oven taste, Domino’s has created a dedicated pizza transport vehicle—the dxb, a genuinely fitting ‘delivery miracle.’

At first glance, it appears as a cool urban bike, boasting the brand’s signature blue and red colors. Various parts of the bike are adorned with LED strips. While it might not stand out as much during the day, the vehicle makes a strong impression at night when illuminated, grabbing the attention of passersby.

Especially notable is the blue luminescent coating on the wheel rims—truly adding personality even to a cargo vehicle!

Tailored for urban transport scenarios, the dxb bike features 20-inch street tires, with the battery integrated into the vehicle’s downtube. Although official data on the battery’s performance and specifications haven’t been released, its size and usage suggest it’s a high-powered, long-lasting product.

Due to the large insulated box at the rear, the dxb intentionally features a broad rear wheel rack to ensure stability.

Apart from the conventional bike frame, what sets the dxb apart is the built-in pizza oven at the rear. This oven combines insulation, temperature control, and protection functions in one unit. From cooking to delivery, it not only ensures that the food reaches customers intact but also maintains its taste.

Moreover, aside from the oven, the food box is equipped with an integrated fan and a shock absorption system. The addition of this shock absorption system perfectly addresses a major issue in delivery services. According to Domino’s, the suspension system in the food box can reduce gravity by 67%, meaning it significantly minimizes food shaking during transport, thereby preventing spills and other issues.

Combining a cool appearance with practicality—who wouldn’t love this delivery vehicle?

Officials have stated that the dxb electric bike will gradually be introduced into Domino’s markets, covering areas such as Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia.

It’s worth mentioning that not only automotive companies are delving into the electric bike market, but even food and beverage brands are joining in. Considering the increasing number of enterprises entering the electric bike market, it’s evident that the usage scenarios and scale of electric bikes are still expanding. An industry capable of significantly changing people’s lives is still evolving.

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